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Complete Spectrum Painting is a business that performs high-end paint jobs at reasonable prices. License # 999161



Complete Spectrum Painting is a  business that performs high quality paint jobs at reasonable prices. We are detail oriented and only collect payment when our customers are completely satisfied. We do residential homes as well as commercial work. We sub-contract select jobs and have experience working with property management. Complete Spectrum provides interior and exterior painting services. We specialize in repaints, new construction, furniture, and cabinetry. Our services include pressure washing, cleaning, caulking, sanding, and sealing. We apply a wide spectrum of products which include high quality paint, epoxy, stains and varnishes. We do not cut corners and guarantee long lasting results. We cover all of greater Sacramento  and surrounding cities. 


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Get the results you deserve with this quality service, and at an affordable price. Our qualified team of professionals bring their experience and know-how with them on every job. But what really sets our services apart from the rest of the industry is our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client.



Let one of our knowledgeable professionals assist in home decor and color choices. Let us help you create your vision and bring it to life! This service is always complimentary and included with every job.

Natomas Interior Painting Job

We take all the necessary steps to ensure beautiful and long lasting results. The Building is first properly covered and masked off. We then fill any holes in the walls and caulk around baseboards and trim. We also apply spackle to any dings or holes in baseboards or trim. Ceilings are then rolled in two coats. The walls are rolled and cut in along the ceiling line. Trim and baseboards are brushed. We then spray any doors that need painting.

We begin by pressure washing to ensure a clean surface for maximum adhesion of material. The building is then scraped and sanded where needed. We use multiple products for surface preparation such as caulk, wood patch, and stucco patch to weather seal and prepare the structure for paint. We apply primer to any bare wood surfaces and over any patched areas. After windows, concrete, and bushes are properly covered, the building is sprayed and back rolled with the appropriate coats of material. The trim is then brushed and rolled on. Finally we spray or roll any doors that need painting.

Citrus Heights Exterior Painting Project


We also offer services in painting decks, porches, and garage floors. We begin by pressure washing the surface and etching if needed. The surface is then scraped and any debris removed. We then apply the correct product for the project.


We offer free estimates in the Greater Sacramento area.


We refinish cabinetry with paint or stain. This involves masking off a spray booth area and workspace. The doors and drawers are then taken off and sanded down to wood. The cabinet boxes are also sanded down to wood. Everything is then sprayed with a coat of primer. After this dries, everything is lightly sanded again. Then two or more coats of paint are sprayed. Finally everything is cleaned up and reassembled. (For the staining process see stain and clear coat section.)


We offer a small amount of drywall repair. We cut the old sheet rock out and install a new piece. It is then taped and topped with drywall mud. We then sand down the area. The next step is spraying texture and priming with PVA Primer. Finally the wall is painted with thick coats as needed for complete coverage.

Custom Painting

We also offer some custom services.  These include painting special surfaces such as fire places, metal doors, and garage floors.  We also do faux painting and have done some murals.  Let us help you bring your artistic vision to life!



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Rogers Exterior in Natomas

March 8, 2020

Century 21 Interior

October 3, 2018

Century 21 Building Exterior

September 18, 2018

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(916) 274-1511

3436 Barrington Rd Sacramento CA us 95864

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