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Rogers Exterior in Natomas

Back porch Natomas

This was a Exterior paint job we completed in November of 2019. It was located in the Natomas area of Sacramento California. The customer inquired about our services while we painted the neighbors house across the street earlier in the year. There was some dry rot that needed to be replaced and quite a bit of scraping and sanding on the fascia, eves, and rafters. The front of the house and garage were wood siding and the rest of the house was stucco. The stucco also had a lot of cracks and holes that needed to be repaired.


Back porch
front view

We used Kelly Moore Acryshield Big Daddy Blue on the body of the House in flat. The Same color was sprayed on the garage door but in a low sheen with a alkyd primer undercoat. All of the Stucco was back rolled with a 1 1/2 " nap lambswool roller and the siding edges were brushed in and back rolled. The Trim was brushed and rolled with a slightly pinkish white called Echos of Love.


Back porch Natomas

The Customer was very satisfied. We were able to successfully restore this home to its former glory.

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